The Fullmoon Poya Day religious programmes of the historical Mahaviharaya recommenced

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The Fullmoon Poya Day religious programmes of the historical Mahaviharaya were recommenced according to the ancient traditions from the Medin Fullmoon Poya Day of 2014. The aim of these programmes would be to reactivate the religious services of the Mahaviharaya which provided immense tranquillity towards the world, being the Global Centre for the Pure Theravada BuddhismAtamasthanadhipathi Ven. Dr. Pallegama Siriniwasa Nayaka Thero provides kind advice and guidance to these programmes.

Commencing the religious programme, thousands of devotees observed theeight precepts at 6.00am on the Poya Day under the shade of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi. Thousands more participated in the various religious activities throughout the day at the Sannipatha Shala of the Mahaviharaya.

The Religious Programme of the Mahaviharaya on Medin Fullmoon Day

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06.00am Observing of Sil
06.30am Buddha Pooja
07.00am Morning Dana
09.00am Discussion of matters arising from the Dhamma Talk
10.30am Buddha Pooja
11.00am Mid day Dana
02.00pm Discussion of matters arising from the Dhamma Talk
02.15pm Interval
05.45pm  Sil Pavaranaya

Medin Fullmoon Day religious programme of the Mahaviharaya will be coordinated by

Ven. Pahalathalawe Sumanasiri Thero of the Bomaluwa Temple.

Special Meditation Programme at Mahaviharaya

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A special Meditation Programme was held at the main Dhamma Shala of the Mahaviharaya, Anuradhapura, during 15th to 17th July. A large number of ven. student bhikkhus of the Anuradhapura Bhikkhu University participated in this programme. Providing a meaningful and clear understanding of the Buddhist priesthood to the ven. novice bhikkhus and creating a disciplined generation of ven. bhikkhus well educated in dhamma was the aim of this programme.